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New on the menu: Chocolate balls

SAS tasked renowned confectioner Jan Hedh with ­creating the best chocolate ball ever served, with strict requirements for an authentic, homemade-style ball using only the best ­ingredients and no artificial ­additives.

Chocolate balls are a serious business in Scandinavia and SAS travelers now have the opportunity to sample handmade delicacies that bring together the very finest elements from all corners of the world. The raison d’être of any airline, after all, is to bring things together, whether it be people or products. So what better way to illustrate it than with something so beloved by so many?

The story of the SAS chocolate balls begins in Sweden, or to be more precise, in Skåne, with a mix of home-grown sugar beets, lactose-free butter, icing sugar and the finest organic oats from Helsingborg.  Meanwhile, the exotic touch comes in the shape of red Criollo cocoa beans, once considered the food of the gods by the ancient Mayans. The rarest of the three main cocoa types, Criollo, has a special aroma and a strong taste without being bitter. 

Added to the mix are Swedish rock salt and syrup, bourbon vanilla from Madagascar and a dash of coffee in the form of freeze-dried Arabica beans from Brazil. To top it all off, the infusion of a second cocoa variety, Forastero, gives the mixture not only a more bitter taste, but also a darker color. Each ball is individually hand-rolled and weighed before being dipped in dessicated coconut to finally produce a gourmet product.  

The true test, of course, comes with the tasting. “We did extensive user testing before we came up with this ball, the best one,” says Jan Hedh, the renowned confectioner and baker who was responsible for the recipe.  

“I think the balls go well with coffee, or even brandy – think of them as a meal between meals. Make sure they’re a bit chilled and enjoy them slowly to fully appreciate them,” he advises.

The gourmet chocolate balls are complimentary for travelers in SAS Plus and available for sale in SAS Go.

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