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Offering travelers a simple and effective way to offset their carbon emissions is another example of SAS’ commitment to sustainable practices.

We all read the news and know that addressing climate change is everyone’s responsibility. At SAS, numerous sustainability activities are underway.

Some are readily apparent when you fly – more efficient aircraft and locally produced menus – while others are less visible, such as increasing amounts of biofuel entering the airline’s fuel supply chain. Now, an upgraded solution, aimed at letting customers address their concerns about emissions directly, will be implemented during the first half of 2019.

“Our customers want an even easier, yet effective way to offset their carbon emissions,” explains Lars Andersen Resare, Head of Environment & CSR at SAS. “We’ve offered a CO2 offsetting solution for more than ten years, but the perception has been that it’s difficult to use. We now have an upgraded solution that will be integrated into our own booking platforms in a new way, streamlining the process. Also, since April 2018 we have CO2 offset all Youth Tickets, and extended that to include all SAS employee travels and we’re looking at more initiatives to extend our actions for default, offsetting too.”

The upgraded solution will not only offer traditional CO2 offsetting, but also include the possibility to upgrade fossil fuel consumption to biofuel.

“This allows our passengers to more easily make an active choice in reducing emissions than we can achieve with today’s technology,” Andersen Resare says. “When you upgrade to biofuel, you’re helping to increase the amount of biofuel in the SAS fuel supply chain. This reduces emissions, something SAS is committed to doing, both today and in the long term.”

“We hope this streamlined process integrated into the booking platform will give our customers the opportunity to choose to be part of the change to more sustainable flights. We know people have been asking for it, so we’re pleased to be able to offer this new solution in 2019."

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